Kammprofile is the preferred gasket when needing improved performance at low seating stresses. It features excellent anti-blowout properties associated with the reliability of a solid metal-to-metal seal combined with soft sealing face to ensure a tighter joint. It is an ideal replacement for problem applications associated with jacketed gaskets.

  • Fabricated in nominal pipe size and pressure.
  • Configured in standard shapes for heat exchanger application.
  • Available with centering ring for use on raised face flanges.
  • Metal cores available in soft iron, stainless steel and exotic materials.
  • Standard surface materials of flexible graphite or PTFE.
  • Low seating stress.
  • Optimum combination of solid core with soft sealing face.


  • Permits a tighter joint under operating conditions.
  • Results in reduced emissions.
  • Compensates for fluctuating ranges of temperature and pressures.
  • Easy to install and effortless to remove.
  • Improves plant efficiency
  • Maintains a tight seal over variable range of bolt stresses.



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